Horse Savvy Ranch
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Riding is a passion for us and we want to pass the knoweldge we have aquired along to you.

For the beginner we have very safe horses that carry their rider consistantly around so that they can learn the rhythm of each gait and get their mechanics together.

For the experienced rider I help explore any issue that may be going on that is keeping the team from moving forward.   I study both bodies and seek out the mechanical issues and address them.  It may be the rider not balanced, it may be the horse, the equipment, the teeth, the bit.  It may be a miscommunication between the horse and rider, or in how the body is receiving the information.  The list is endless, which makes the forever learning process of riding so exciting. 
Sometimes the unfortunate happens and your horse needs time to heal.  What makes our faciity unique is not fancy equipment, but the special bodywork that I do, and the supporting herbs we use.  If the muscle memory, (or improper movement pattern), that got your horse to this place is not removed, then it will not matter how much money you spend on other therapies, odds are the horse will injure itself again.  The power is in the combination of what modern medicine has to offer and what we have to offer.
Posture Training
Posture training is a tool I use to get a horse to use itself better.  It is one of the tools I use in the rehabilitaton process, as well as a tool I use whenever a horse comes in for training.  We want the horse to have access to all of it's body to prevent injury from occurring or reoccurring.  It is like pilates for horses.  Good posture has an engaged core and a spine that stands itself up so that the limbs can properly move. 

Spencer - age 26 can still enegage his core.
We start horses and we continue education on horses.  We are educated in most disciplines, dressage, endurance, jumping, reining, and gaited horses.  What is different about the way we train a horse is we use all of our tools to insure that you have the best trained horse with good posture.  This means that we use the best equipment we can afford, we custom make saddle pads, we ask that your horses teeth and hooves be in good order, we long line, and we do bodywork whenever it is needed.   Our greatest joy is to see our students flourish.
The bodywork that I do is unique.  Twenty plus years of education only makes it better.  I have the ability to watch a body and see which part is not functioning correctly.  My eye sees things most people do not.  When someone asks me what I am looking for, I tell them, "to see if the head is swinging correctly, the neck is flexing left and right, lifting and dropping, the withers are moving up, forward, back, and down, the back engaged with the muscles moving, that the limbs are evenly striding with the correct flexion and in the correct order, etc."  I usually dont have to continue as it is now "information overload".  

For more understanding of how to see if your horse has good mechanics, I have separated out the proper movement patterns of the body into section on this web page.

Once I have found the reason for the improper movement pattern, (the reason the horse was brought to me), I start to work.  The bodywork is nothing more than using various modalities to get the body to release tension that is causing the improper movement pattern.  Once the tension is released, the body needs to reorganize its balance.  For every block of a body part from accessing its full power, there is an opposing counter part. I find the two and set them back into proper funtion.  I then look for the vertebra that locked as a result of the improper movement pattern and fire them up to move again.  Because of this unique ability, I can change the muscle memeory back to it's correct pattern. 
Juli and Kaz after three years of her hard work